Future Meetings

On Tueasday February 13 - Hear Professor Maxim Tarnawsky speak on Canadian Literature depicting Ukrainians in Canada . Dr. Tarnawsky teaches a course at the University of Toronto Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures called “Literature of the Ukrainian Canadian Experience.”

The purpose of this presentation is to acquaint you with a range of books describing the Canadian Ukrainian experience and to demonstrate the variety of different viewpoints and issues that Canadian authors associate with Ukrainians in this country.

•  How were the first Ukrainians in Canada depicted in fiction?

•  How Ukrainian are Ukrainians in Canada?

•  What are the problems of being Ukrainian in Canada?

•  Is being Ukrainian in Canada a bounty or a burden?

Do Ukrainians write about themselves differently than non-Ukrainians write about them?

On Tuesday March 13 - hear TBA

On Tuesday April 10- hear TBA

On Tuesday May 8 - hear TBA

On Tuesday June 12- hear Romana Bahry speak on TBA

Where: TheSt Vladimir Institute.
620 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Contact: 905-841-6707
Meetings are usually held every second Tuesday of the month (excepting July and August) from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at TheSt Vladimir Institute. However there may variations on this day due to the availability of a speaker or facility.
There is parking at the rear of the building accessible via a laneway running south off Harbord Street. There is also metered parking on Spadina Avenue.