Here are two printable genealogy charts for documenting your family history.

Family Chart
The family chart allows you to document one particular family. This chart includes space to list a father, mother and their children. There is also space to document the father's mother and father and the the mother's father and mother. It includes date of birth, date of marriage, date of death as well as the place where all these took place. Click here to go to the Family Chart.

Four Generation Ancestor Chart
This chart allows you to document four generations of your ancestors. This chart, also called a Pedigree Chart, starts with you as number 1 on the chart. Next you document your parents, with your father as #2 and your mother as #3. Next you record your grandparents with males as even #s and females as odd #s and so on. Click here to go to the Four Generation Ancestor Chart.

The following link has pretty well any form you will need doing your research.