LDS Cataloguing

An important project we have undertaken is to help with the cataloguing of the more than 900 microfilms of the Metrical books, 1607-1945 of the Greek Catholic Consistory of L'viv, that have been Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, from 1994-2004.

What is required is to review each film and note down the various locales, parishes, type of record, e.g., birth, marriage or death, and the years covered. Each film may hold the birth, marriage and death records for many parishes. Most of the films are a combination of Latin and Polish and some include Ukrainian and Russian. This would depend on which political state the clergy were facing. However, the vast majority of the records were in Latin and Polish.
For example, the name Ivan/John would be latinized to Joannis.

You do not need to have fluency in Latin or Polish, since most of the words are commony used in English. The key is to note the parish name, the diocese, the type of record, the number of pages for each set of records, and the years covered. Here are some typical Latin terms one would encounter.

baptisma - baptism, copulatio - marriage, defunctus/a/um - dead,
ecclesia - church, parochial - parish, diocesis - diocese,
liber baptizatorum - baptismal register, liber defunctorum - death register
liber matrimoniorm - marriage register

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