This page is for announcing your trips, in particular to Ukraine. Although, you may want to share your trips to other locales. Here you may want to describe the trip, along with any photos of interest.

Tthis page will also be to organize trips to Ukraine to search out the villages of our ancestry.

The Toronto Ukrainian Genealogy Group (TUGG) is planning a trip in the late Spring (last week in May-first week in June) to Ukraine. We will travel first to Kiev, then to Ternopil, Ivano Frankivsk and end at L'viv. We will spend a niumber of days in each location both as tourists and researchers. We will visit various archives and visit the villages of our ancestors. More on the Ukraine Trip.

If you are interested, write us at:Trip to Ukraine

We also will use this page to exchange travel tips to Ukraine. Many people are leery about taking the trip due to the uncertainties they may face. By exchanging tips we can plan to avoid risky situations. There are many sites which offer travel tips to Ukraine. Here are a few worth noting.

USEFUL TIPS FOR FOREIGNERS ABOUT UKRAINE http://www.uazone.net/Ukraine_Tips.html

TIPS FOR TRAVEL IN UKRAINE http://www.rjstours.shawbiz.ca/tips.htm

Ukraine Travel Guide http://www.virtualtourist.com/vt/49f/

UKRAINE TRAVEL TIPS http://www.scopetravel.com/travel/tips/

Ukraine Travel http://www.ukraine.com/travel/

Ukraine travel tips-Odyssey http://www.odyssei.com/travel-tips-show.php?country=Ukraine&criteria=countries&value=443

Travel Guide for Ukraine http://secure.hospitalityclub.org/hc/travel_guide.php?wgInfo=Ukraine

UKRAINE TRAVEL Tips Bulletin Board http://www.brama.com/travel/travelboard.html