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 15 May 2011 plans to add to its site the ability to search databases of selected sites outside its realm. It will bring back matching results along with a link to the external site. This will enable users to go straight to the original record. Where relevant, it will include these results with the main search results of all hits in its own collection. There will be free access to these external results; users do not have to subscribe or register with to view these records.

The results will be easily recognized from Ancestry-based collections because the description of the record will be preceded by the word “Web.” Clicking on the description of the collection will give more information including the name of the website. There will also be a link to go directly to the website. When you click on the link, a message displays that you are leaving the website. Depending on the browser, the site will open a new tab or a new window. To avoid the harassment of constantly being informed you are leaving the site, you can turn off the message for future searches.


The company did not announce which sites are now included, but the implication was that the vast collection of the Allen County (Indiana) Public Library was one. They plan to take a cautious approach to this service adding site “gradually so we can learn about how useful they are to users.” Using the common name “Abraham Cohen” I could find no examples in the search results.


Complete information about the announcement can be found at

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